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Insurance for drones explained

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Coverage Features and Benefits

Loss or damage to UAV

  • Replace or repair, accidental loss or damage to the UAV
  • Includes disappearance if the UAV is unreported for 14 days
  • Includes reasonable emergency expenses incurred for the immediate safety of UAV up to 10% of amount insured
  • Includes Payload
  • Includes Ground Station
  • Includes Spares
  • 10% deductible

Legal Liability to Third Parties

  • Compensatory damages in respect of accidental bodily injury (fatal or otherwise) caused by the UAV
  • Compensatory damages to property caused by the UAV
  • Limits up to S20,000,000 available

Other additional coverages that are included as standard – and generally not covered in local policies!

  • Cyber Extension - The insurer will reimburse you for digital asset loss, as a direct result of damage, alteration, corruption, distortion, theft, misuse, or destruction of your digital assets directly caused by a computer virus, whether through malicious or non-malicious acts.
  • UAS Operators Indemnity – Extends the insureds Third Party Liability coverage to include coverage for the insured’s operators and third parties, who may have a lawsuit to defend in the event of death or injury to third parties.
  • Invasion of privacy - Data collected from the UAS whilst in flight and subsequently made available to third parties without the consent of the party to whom the data relates, including any breach of confidentiality, infringement, or violation of any right to privacy, or of any statutes, laws and regulations associated with the confidentiality, access, control, and use of personally identifiable, non-public information.
  • Noise liability - Claims arising from the operation of the UAS whilst in flight, for the activities covered in the schedule following an official noise complaint lodged by a national/state/municipal authority.
  • Transit extension – Covering your equipment whilst on the move.

In the event of a claim, what do you do -

  • Claims would be notified to Kobe Insurance Services and claims correspondence please complete and return the proposal form.
  • Despite being based in London, Lloyd’s insurers use loss adjusters that handle claims around the world
  • Lloyd’s are able to call on market-leading adjusters and law firms to ensure claims are handled competently and efficiently
  • Lloyd’s and TokioMarine Kiln are well known for being able to pay large claims quickly
The party named in the schedule