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About FlyFreel’ys commercial drone tool, please note that if you have taken out a drone hull and liability policy with Kobe Insurance Services you get 1 complementary licence to this product, and once you have registered for the product you will receive a discount at next year’s renewal.

FlyFreely’s fully comprehensive Operations Management Software (OMS) platform allows you to manage all your drone operations so you remain compliant and fly safe. Whether you run a solo enterprise or a multi-national organisation; you will benefit from the extensive range of planning, management and reporting functionality included on the software platform.

  • Effectively navigate aviation regulation (CASA) and obtain rapid mission approvals, whilst remaining fully compliant. Build effective mission workflows with relevant forms, checklists, and procedures. Generate a paperless track record of all operations for auditing purposes.
  • Register and manage all your RPAS Equipment; including all Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and batteries. Monitor your equipment health, by identifying possible defects, scheduling maintenance requests and producing accurate reports & analytics.
  • With each individual assigned a free personal account, maintain an accountable track record for all your flight activity. Create and maintain personnel profiles displaying all training, credentials, and flight history. Ensure team fluidity by assigning team roles and permissions, allowing access and features to the relevant team member.
  • Execute pre-planned missions as well as creating express missions through our versatile mobile Field App. Complete forms and checklist on-site, following pre-planned mission workflow functionality. Log mission details and flight information in real time. Complete post-mission debriefs and incident reports.
  • Create and integrate your safety procedures, including Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Risk Assessments, into your mission workflows to ensure consistent and regulated safe operations. Make use of our intuitive mission approval process, with Chief Remote Pilot (CRP) and administrative oversight.

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